In agreeing to consign your item/s with us you agree to these conditions: 

  1. Timeless Vogue has the right to refuse an item for consignment.
  2. All items submitted must be 100% authentic, non stolen and not counterfeit or imitation goods. 
  3. The sale price of an item is decided mutually between Timeless Vogue and the consignor. The price is based on recent sales of comparable items and does consider item’s original retail price, condition, rarity, and desirability in the current fashion trends. 
  4. Consigned items will be kept with us for a minimum period of 30 days unless otherwise negotiated with the consignor. If the item has not sold after 30 days, we may contact the consignor and discuss reducing the price of the item. 
  5. The Consignor reserves the right to have their item shipped back, if they change their mind and no longer wish to sell with us. There is an early withdrawal fee of $150 if consigned items withdrawn early before the 30 days. 
  6. If the item does not sell, the consignor will not be charged and only pay the return shipping cost. 
  7. If the item does sell, payment will be made to the consignor once payment has cleared through our bank facilities. Typically, within two business days of selling your item.
  8. The Consignor can agree or disagree to allow their items to be placed on Layby. If your item is on Layby, you will be paid the allocated percentage once the item has been paid for in full. Our Layby Term is two months from time of purchase. (MAY BE REPLACED WITH ZIPPAY TERMS AND CONDS)
  9. Timeless Vogue has sole discretion over which items are promoted via social media and in any advertising. No third party can have any rights over a consignor’s goods 
  10. The consignor must have full title and right to sell the goods they are consigning with us.
  11. Timeless Vogue is responsible for your item(s) being lost or damaged whilst in our possession, but not responsible whilst your item(s) being lost in transit
  12. Whist your items in our possession, the consignor will be compensated for consigned goods stolen in a case of robbery.