One of the best ways to shop with us is via our lay by opportunity. We are happy to offer lay by on the majority of our items. However, it is on an item to item basis as each item belongs to different consignor. Our terms are as follows: 

- 20% non refundable down payment is required and the 

remainder within a maximum of 60 days. 

- Small leather goods are not eligible 

- Items cannot be held without a deposit. 

- Once a deposit is made, the buyer has maximum of 60 days to complete payment. If for some reason you are unable to complete your payment in the agreed duration, the 20% down payment is non refundable. Deposits cannot be transferred from one item to another. 

- Items are not shipped or available for pick up until entirely paid off. Please keep in mind that if you put down a deposit you are fully committing to the item and also to paying it off within the allotted amount of time. We are only able to offer the payment plan option if it works out and is fair to our consignors. We understand that things do happen but please plan your finances accordingly when requesting an item to be placed on layby

Please email us at to purchase an item on layaway